Video recording of teaching sessions

These are password protected (available from your TPD or Deanery administrator for core and internal medicine trainees in Scotland) and include slides and video from the full teaching sessions.

The sessions listed below also include regional Core Medicine Education Programme topics from the West of Scotland.

IMT induction

22nd August 2019

Introduction to IMT, Dr Stephen Glen

The buddy scheme, Dr Emma Cannon, Kathleen Hiddlestone

ePortfolio and ARCP, Dr Marie Freel

Training opportunities including simulation, Dr David Wilkin

Study leave, Dr David Carty


Infectious diseases

18th April 2018

Antibiotic stewardship, Dr Andrew Seaton

Urinary tract infection, Dr John Yates

Meningitis versus encephalitis, Dr Eoghan Farmer

Unwell traveller, Dr Alisdair MacConnachie

Case presentation, Dr Andrew Blunsum


21st March 2018

Common dermatological conditions, Dr Laura Burfield

Skin cancers, Dr Sidra Khan

Dermatological emergencies, Dr Laura Burfield

Things that appear in MRCP, Dr Sidra Khan

organised by Dr Rachel Gardner

Renal medicine

21st February 2018

Chronic kidney disease, Dr Rajan PatelM

Renal consults for CMT's, Dr Siobhan McManus

Medical emergencies in patients on renal replacement therapy, Dr Kate Stevens

Acute kidney injury, Dr Catherine Stirling

Geriatric medicine

17th January 2018

Polypharmacy, Dr Stephen Makin

Rehabilitation medicine, Dr Stephen Makin

Delirium, Professor David Stott

Presentation of disease in old age, Dr Michael Fail


15th December 2017

Salts and sugars, Dr Marie Freel and Dr James Boyle

Acute medical emergencies

8th November 2017

A full range of acute medical emergencies presented by Dr Nick Barwell, Dr Benedict Mansfield and Dr Jayne Saunders.

Cardiovascular medicine

13th October 2017

Cardiovascular cases, Dr Stephen Glen

Emergencies in adults with congenital heart disease, Dr Richard Dobson

Cardiology / rheumatology

24th February 2017

Advanced heart failure, Dr Kirsty McDowell

Rheumatology update including immunosupressant and biologic therapy, Dr Sean Kerrigan

Liver disease

16th May 2018

Jaundice, Dr Richard Burnham

Acute liver failure, Dr Asma Ahmed

Chronic liver disease, Dr Morag MacMaster

Slides only available for this session which was organised by Dr Stuart Paterson

External pacing, PACES 2020, acute signs

14th September 2018

External pacing update, Dr Stephen Glen

PACES 2020, Dr Stuart Hood

Clinical signs in acute medicine, Dr Stephen Glen

Radiology and nuclear medicine

23rd November 2018

Chest imaging, Dr Hesham Dyab

Nuclear medicine, Dr Sai Han

Abdominal / GI imaging, Dr Henna Singh

Neuroradiology cases, Dr Henna Singh

Sepsis, quality improvement, poisoning

24th October 2018

Sepsis update, Dr David Wilkin

Quality improvement, Dr Catherine Labinjoh

Poisoning, Dr David Wilkin

Oncology and palliative care

19th December 2018

Acute palliative care case based discussion, Dr Alice Radley

Heart failure and palliative care, Dr David Gray

Liver disease and palliative care, Dr Fiona Finlay

Advance care planning and the deteriorating patient, Dr Fiona Finlay

Online module certificate now available


16th January 2019

Headache, Dr Danielle Leighton

Stroke, Dr Azmil Abdul-Rahim

Seizure, Dr Amy Davidson

Online module certificate now available

From December 2018 onwards, online certification will be available for sessions viewed. Email confirmation of completion will be sent to trainees and also to the Deanery for ARCP assessment purposes. This is not available for sessions recorded before December 2018 where online reflection in ePortfolio is required instead.


Respiratory Medicine

20th March 2019

Intersttital lung disease, Dr Matthew Embley

Sleep related breathing disorders, Dr Maria Wilcysnka

Lung cancer, Dr Euan Cameron

Difficult asthma, Dr Euan Cameron

Medical disorders in pregnancy

20th February 2019

Management of diabetes in pregnancy, Dr David Carty

Medical problems during pregnancy, Dr Janet Brennand

Endocrine disorders during pregnancy, Dr Marie Freel